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The Fundamentals of Direct Game | Sasha Daygame | Full Length HD

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25 Responses to “The Fundamentals of Direct Game | Sasha Daygame | Full Length HD”

  • The 21 Convention:

    New Video : The Fundamentals of Direct Game | Sasha Daygame | Full Length

  • Lord Nylon:


  • tyler durden:

    Sasha very good video! Thank you so much !?


    lol at first he says its attractive to women when a guy goes for what he
    wants and doesn’t take no for an answer, but then he says put yourself on
    the line and say you will walk away. lol. This is the paradigm of pick up
    artists. All a bunch of contradiction and rambling on. You can pick up gems
    here and there, but take what these guys say with a grain of salt?

  • threephazer:

    I like his approach but unfortunately ( for AFP’s) he’s too good looking to
    be relatable. He can look in the mirror and see why girls could want him. I
    look in the mirror and have to convince myself ( by only looking in
    flattering light) that I look passable. That’s it.?

  • Piotr Walter:

    Lol, He should have ironed his shirt :P ?

  • PhaseDynamic:

    Ben Affleck is that you??

  • Cockroaches Musique:

    I’ll try this but i’m not sure about everything.
    There are some good ideas and energy, but I think his game is lacking of
    calibration and maybe is a bit of a lazy game. From one side it’s good
    because he is not wasting time, he’s happy with himself and getting laid
    with girls that sees the world like him and share the kind of same
    But on the other side he may be missing some girls that don’t have the same
    mindset, girls that have ”less balls” than him and who feel the social
    pressure in their subconscious. He, and it’s a choice, doesn’t want to
    waist time with those girls, thats why I’m treating that a ”lazy game”.
    Sasha must be kind of an idealist that has a vision of the perfect world,
    that have a lot balls and lives his dream.
    He hates club and only do daygame. That’s the illustration of what I’m
    saying. He chooses to abandon one kind of game. It’s all about your goal.
    I’m saying that because I was a bit puzzled after seeing this because he’s
    saying things such as ”if the girl don’t like you she’s retarded” or
    ”don’t ask you questions”.
    For a PUA like him its okay to not ask yourself question, him found his way
    of life and he’s getting laid a thousand more time than 99% of guys.
    For a novice like me you have to take these words with caution because at
    the beginning your doing it wrong. You can have a solid inner-game and stay
    For sure there’s a time you say fuck it, but don’t be too radical and be

    If think there’s a lack of calibration in his game. It’s not fake to
    calibrate. You can calibrate and then reframe.
    What’s fake is to think you have the game and the solid inner-game, that
    your the boss. It’s real in his mind but not in the world.

    What I’ll remember is:
    -pull the trigger at one moment
    -be more alfa and crazy
    -sometimes say what you want, its sexy
    -sometimes be direct
    -don’t be afraid of rejection?

  • christian fer:

    could translate into Spanish is that I understand little and I think you
    are great.

  • Cody Rapp:

    if you think its about one night stands you are wrong. its about bringing
    them back, fucking them, and then leaving again to get another girl. if you
    are only pulling 1 girl a day you aren’t doing this right.?

  • Hossein Turner:

    Women are such spoilt, vacuous, hideously entitled, manipulative overgrown
    children. What can they offer a man? Sex? Over-rated and generally gets
    boring after a few years with the same person. Intelligence and insight?
    Nope. Men are better in this area. Funny and witty conversation? Nope, men
    are superior here too. Women are good at constant whining, bitching,
    attempting to control you and always focussing on themselves. No wonder men
    are choosing to just fuck and dump them. Either that, or just ignore them
    and get on with your life. Google MGTOW.?

  • Lenny Hong:

    Lollll. Walking is fucking gay.?

  • Yolas1:

    Indirect game is such a waste of time. Why would I waste 4-5 hours in a
    coffee shop? There’s a book who recommends that stupid idea you know.
    Direct game is much much better. And you know what, the results are better
    as well.?

  • anonspacecowboy:

    Im at the right side of youtube :) sasha you are a beast!!!

  • vwazp:

    awww, awww, you’re a retard, awww

  • Cleric775:

    Given the fact that he’s in a comfortable relationship with Isabella (who
    she’s very cool with him), I must say their relationship must be celibate!

  • fab1qaz:

    Well said

  • tsptrevor:

    If Hank Moody had sex with Tom Green and had a baby.

  • Isaac Mays:


  • Phong Nguyen:

    i love this man

  • Dan McMahnon:

    He’s calmed down a bit and is trying to be like John Matrix and the daygame
    crew so that’s a good thing

  • halvaman3:

    He could be Bill Hicks’ lovechild

  • kyler cagni:

    I’m a noob at approaching girls but I’ve only had success when being
    direct, I know what he’s talking about, great vid

  • Alexander Krowskini:

    Sasha is an angry comedian who doesn’t get laid. He charges ridiculous
    amounts of cash for “being yourself” haha. That’s the real joke innit ;-)

  • The 21 Convention:

    Wasnt a guilt trip. Was a “you don’t have much room to talk” comment. And
    how young could you possibly be? I started this entire convention at 17.