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  • Michael Warbux:

    Today’s show is up! Dating Website uses suicides victim’s photo for ads, Oh
    Florida, and amazing animals! – ?

  • Monica alfaro perez:

    omg how sad it is to see that anything you put on Facebook could be used to
    promote something …. outside of that I as a victim and psychologist I can
    not put in the side of anyone, even so how come no one verify the age of
    the girl … but the saddest thing is to see how a person could not handle
    the pain and end up making the biggest assault

  • Michael Warbux:

    Today’s show is up! Dating Website uses suicides victim’s photo for ads, Oh
    Florida, and amazing animals! -?

  • Michael Warbux:

    I’m planning on relaxing all day in bed on Monday!

  • scott mccowan:

    HAAAAPPPYYYY Birthday. So are ya gonna invite the Human Beer Keg, slap a
    tap on his belly after eating pizza. (Um yeah ‘m goin to Hell)

  • Anthony Diaz:

    Oh new color I see.

  • Michael Warbux:

    Me too.

  • TheTrollHan:

    Happy Birthday then mate :) !!!

  • Michael Warbux:

    Wow! I bet the owners of that camper were super angry!

  • dragonkiller589:

    your welcome :)

  • aktsza:

    I guess you really like florida

  • Michael Warbux:

    It’s an interesting state to say the least.

  • Michael Warbux:

    Must be the heat.

  • Michael Warbux:

    YES!!! hahahaha

  • Michael Warbux:

    Thanks TrollHan :D

  • Michael Warbux:

    Sure but just don’t get tooooo carried away :)

  • Michael Warbux:

    Thank you :D

  • Salamatu Faransa:

    0h Happy Birthday to you LLnp

  • Michael Warbux:

    Thanks Austin!

  • princessq62:

    It is very sad what happened to the young lady. I think the situation
    should open some discussion about limits on using pictures that are free on
    certain types of websites. Because for a dating website, that young lady
    looked a bit young to be part of their campaign. And of course I know,
    there are people who are older than they look out there, but this is why it
    might be best practice to use photos of people that can be verified and a
    little background obtained.

  • pencilpizza:

    I’m siding with the girl. It should never be okay for someone to take your
    picture without your permission and post it on something like that. I think
    it’s really irresponsible of that site. They should either hire people for
    that or find people willing to do that, with their permission. That’s still
    really sad that she got raped too :. Happy early birthday!

  • Michael Warbux:

    I’m gonna be 21..again.

  • Michael Warbux:

    I’d collab with him…but I think I’d have a better chance of hitting the
    lottery. He’s a pretty busy dude.

  • Michael Warbux:

    Thanks John!

  • sweeetbpie:

    Happy Birthday Mike you talk’en bout the dog scapes from kitchen just
    remind me of my neighbor white full breed pitbull that they recused from
    the animal shelter there dog did the came thing but he did it to there
    camper we all when swimming left him in the camper but there son was
    outside the camper staying with there dog he ripped the camper apart to get
    out of there because his owner was a old man who died and he gotten put in
    the shelter